Tasks disappear after short amout of time

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I use the week plan app on ios and on desktop through the webapp.

I really like this app and it is the best planning app that fits me.

But one single Problem is that on ios the app has some bugs that are not fun to deal with and that push me again and again away from week plan although the idea of the app is awsome and I hope everyday that these bugs are fixed 

for example:

The tasks disappear after an expected amout of time varying between some hours or 2 days (according to my experience with this problem) the tasks disappear both on ios and the webapp

I had an ultimate plan for 1 year I guess for the week planer and I was happy with it until these bugs appeared an made the app not usable. So I canceled my premium membership for the future and still check it from time to time to see if the bugs are disappeared.

Unfortunately the task disappearing problem is still there and I hope it will soon be fixed because it is really annoying to fińd out that your tasks are disappeared after you wrote them doing and you are relying on them.

I am looking forward that the app will be fixed and to be a premium member on it again

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Hi there,

We are sorry to hear that. Our sincere apology for the delay in responding. We will check this issue and try to escalate asap.

We appreciate your patience. 

Thank You!


I also have this problem. Tasks I know I had disappeared all the time. I only realised how bad it is because I sync to Outlook. Today I logged on and was shocked to find almost every task has disappeared. They have reappeared because I triggered a synchronisation, but everything about the task - time, role, objectives - the things that actually make this work paying for each month, have disappeared. I am giving this one more month on ultimate and then I think I too will cancel. The price that is charged is not a token amount. I expect better service than an outlook calendar provides.