Aymeric, let me know if you're going to make the previous layout an option, otherwise I need to deactivate.

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Aymeric, let me know if you're going to make the previous layout an option, otherwise I need to deactivate. Siren but this isn't working for me.

Hi David,

Can you tell me what exactly doesn't work for you in this new layout?

Posted this to somebody else's question:
Hi. Thanks for asking.

I'm ten days or so into my trial. WeekPlan is about as close to what I've been looking for as anything. I've tried Things, Goals on Track, Nach, LifeTick … I like the simplicity and clarity of WeekPlan, but there are a few glitches that can frustrate one's objective to get through your planning quickly and efficiently and focus on doing.

So you know: I'm using WeekPlan on iPhone 5, Macbook Pro OS 10.8, Safari 6.2 On my iMac 5K, OS 10.10 and Safari 8.0...

The newest glitch: this new layout. First, the arbitrary nature of the change. All of a sudden, it's different without warning, just as I've formed my new habits using it. Unless I'm missing something and the old layout is still a choice, the original is easier to navigate, The left column stack of roles/goals easier to drag and drop a goal into a specific day. Now you have to scroll down to the roles row (to grab a goal) if you have a long list on any day. Too much scrolling and clicking. And not everything visible all at once.

User's manual: is there one? I haven't been able to find it. And the tutorial doesn't take you all the way through. I didn't discover the swipe left option on the iPhone for several days. Maybe I missed where to find out.

Repeating goals such "Work out 3x a week" — or specific projects with sub-tasks (Checklists) that take several days 's hard to program — require multiple entries (t would be nice to be able to drag a goal from roles to three different days and have it stick (like workout on Tue, Wed, Sat). But checking off one, checks off the goal in the role column.

I've had some problems with the edit mode: you can often click on a goal and not find the edit window (way at the bottom of the page or just doesn't show up at all, confused with the goal above it).

Hope this helps.


I am an Android user and was like you just starting. I spent much time setting up my roles, goals, and schedule and was just getting it functional for me when the new layout came with no warning. Now it is almost impossible to navigate and work on my phone or tablet. All the headers are not over each column and doesn't scroll well at all. And that is just the tip of the problems I am having. I sent a private message to Aymeric with my details and asking for at least a hybrid that allows us to toggle back to the old layout with no response. I can't use it the way it is now and just had to quit :-(.

Thanks, Chip, good to hear I'm not alone out here in the wilderness. I have high hopes for the app, but I'm back to making lists "by hand" in my moleskin notebook. I did learn some things that are helpful. Hopefully Aymeric and his team will get on it.

From another post, Aymeric's response is maybe on giving us access to the previous layout but he would rather not do so and try to get all the bugs out of the new layout. I don't have the time to help Aymeric use me as a beta tester for a version of his app that is very flawed and totally unusable on my tablet and phone. I should of had the option to be a beta tester or not, but was not given the opportunity. No Thanks! I don't want to deactivate because I spent much time setting up my Week Plan and don't want to loose that work. However, I am going to request to go back to the free version and check back periodically to see if the new layout is much, much better or I have access to the previous version. Until then I simply cannot afford the time to use this app. :-(


I have seen from other posts that you believe it is the Android version causing all the columns to be off. It is not the version it is your programing. I do not understand your stubborn attitude. Your previous version was brilliant, usable, and worked well cross platform. This new version, even with the max height stinks and is totally unusable on my phone and tablet. Why won't you let us choose which version to use. I loved your previous version and don't like the new one at all. Please don't reply you want us to help you work out the bugs on the new version. There are too many!!! Is it because of propriety programming you can't use or what??? Would like to know so I can quit even trying or maybe hope you will return to previous version. The other issue is what would Covey do in this situation. Not much synergy happening anymore. What happen to listening to understand???

Chip, I believe you should start looking for another solution as it seems the new WeekPlan frustrates you.

As painful it is to let people go as a product creator, I have to accept that a product cannot please everyone.