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So the timer has a very annoying ticking sound. It is very distracting to work or study and try and utilize the Pomodoro technique with this sound. I see that you can mute the volume, but I also am assuming at the end of the 25 min there will be a sound that lets you know that you have reached the time limit. So if I turn off the sound of the ticker then I won't be notified that my 25 minutes are up. I'm surprised no one else has found this to be an issue. Right now I'm trying to study my Flash Cards for 25 min and all I can focus on is the sound of the timer ticking. The ticker should just run with no sound than when the 25 min is up, make a sound so you know to start your 5-minute break. Same for the 5-minute break.

Web app
Tomi Petteri

Simplest is to use separate pomodoro timer, for example https://tomato-timer.com/