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Bug in iOS app

alexandre 12 months ago updated by Geeta 12 months ago 3

The iOS app is buggy - no doubt about it and in no way something that can replace the web app. Considering that more and more, mobility is an issue then this is not acceptable.

On a fresh install, I log in and need two tries with the password manager for the app to accept the password. 

When entering, the first thing that greets me is a blue bar covering half the buttons (screenshot below).

Everything jerks as soon as I touch it.

It needs two clicks to add a task on a different day.

It does not work offline.

Wouldn’t it be easier to simply say that you don’t have an iOS app?

iOS app
Under review

Hi there, 

May we ask the device you are using this app?  This app is not compatible with older versions of iPhone and iPad eg. iPhone 5 & iPad 2. Let me know if you are not using the older devices. 

Yes, This app is not work offline, it is hybrid app. 


this is a new iPad Pro, with iOS completely updated 12.2

Ok, Thank you for the details. I am forwarding this to dev team and hope will resolve this asap.

Your patience is highly appreciable.