Losing tasks added previously after page refresh

Ayaz Ahmed Khan 4 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 3

I've been using WeekPlan for a couple of months. I turned PRO (to test PRO features) for a month a few days ago. I noticed a very annoying bug which I faced several times before turning PRO as well.

Some times, not all the times, I will add a couple of tasks in WeekPlan which is open in a tab on my browser. I will go about my business through the day and leave, putting my computer to sleep. The next day I will refresh the WeekPlan tab only to find that the tasks I had added are no longer there. It happened very recently. Yesterday, I added a couple of very important tasks in my urgent+important quadrant (from the quadrant view), and checked off some previously added tasks. Today when I refreshed the page, it asked me to relogin. Upon getting back in, the tasks I had added were gone and those I had checked were unchecked.

This is very frustrating. After trying so many options, I've finally found a tool I have managed to integrate with my life and work. These issues are sharp thorns poking me to get off.


Under review

Hi Ayaz, thanks for describing the steps you took. It seems the issue could come from the Quadrant view. We are going to investigate.

Are you still experiencing this issue? It should be fixed...