Plan for weekly time allocation

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I would like to set up a weekly goal of say reading 10 hours, and ride bike 3 times (without specifying which day or time)
When planning my week, , I would like to drag from that task to a specific day only portion of it.

For example - drag the book reading task to Wednesday, and schedule it from 8 to 10 - 2 hours reading, and have it deducted from my weekly allocation (planned 10, allocated 2)
Or drop bike riding on Monday and have the task show planned 3 times allocated 1 time.

Could that be accomplished? If so, how?

Web app
Tomi Petteri

This is very simple with this program:

1. You need to create clone, by CTRL-dragging

2. Remove objective in 'task details' for copied task

3. Check and remove "Remove from high impact task" in task details, it's located close of remove task

4. After this you can CTRL-drag the task to time slots you like

5. Go through tasks and allocate time for the daily tasks as you see fit, maybe excel sheet or just good old paper is good to keep track.

Good luck.

Tomi Petteri

I realize the method I described first might too complicated for new users, here is much easier method:

  1. Create objective Read book
  2. Under objective create separate Hight Impact Task for every hour you like to schedule, for example Book1, Book2, Book3… Book100
  3. After that you are ready to go and schedule your book reading easily through a week. Just remember to add duration 1 hour and schedule the high impact task to show in planning view.

Good luck.


Tomi, i disagree about that. I mean that what Mottych wroted is an important feature actually missed from WP.

Any serious task/project planner manage in the way Mottych described large tasks that needs more steps to be completed.

It's true that in WP it's possible to use some workaround like you explained and that i'm using too, but these are not linear, simple to learn and logic: they seems more a temporary solution for a missed feature.

In the task management software that i used before WP, the week planning phase was really easy, simple and very effective:

1 - review all tasks and projects

2 - assign to the available time slots of the incoming week, whole task or a part of their "expected effort"

During the week, planned tasks are  completed or their "effort left" is reduced by the time spent.

Therefore the easy solution is to change the actual "duration" field into two fields "Planned Duration" + "Duration Left" and manage both fields during the week planning phase.

Thanks for considering my input. 

Ideally,  I would like to plan total time allocation for each role

For example. I each to get trained 6 hours a week,  spent 5 hours with my kids and ride my bike 5 times for 20 minutes. 

As general goal,  I would like to get certified by coaching 50 hour 3 this quarter. 

When planning my week,  I would love to ne able to set up my goals first. On a specific day and time.  Everything else should fall around. 

It is ok for me to move a task,  and still get it counted towards my goals. 

Hope it makes sense