All me data is gone!!!

Itai Maoz 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 4
All my data is gone!!!

Except one item that I've just updated through the mobile app (andoird).

Using Google to log in. Never changed the account or logged out. Tried logging out and back in, but no seeing anything.

Please help!!!
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Hi Itai, could you send me your email address with a private message so that I can look at your account?
Hi Aymeric, 
I think I found the issue. I used a filter on the mobile app that somehow got transfered to Web view. 
Previously using filters on a one device didn't transfer to other  devices and would also reset when refreshing the page on the Web, restarting the mobile app, or relogging in. 
I guess you changed something and in addition to other issues I'm experiencing (see my other  private message) I jumped the gun. 
Issuis now resolved on my end. 

Thanks for your response. 
Cool thanks for letting me know.