Amazing concept, questionable programming? Lacking 'return' options to go back to the task page etc,

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For example going back from the Vision page or the journal page - there is NO option in the menu so I have to hit the 'back' button in my browser and that just freezes on a glitchy page.
Occasionally the 'Vision' page won't show anything, it's just empty with 'date' visible, and no option to enter anything even. 
I can't get back from the parking lot to the 'Plan and Do' page either. It just goes to another glitchy page. 
I haven't even been able to type this message without it messing up and freezing 8 times now, each time for a good 5 minutes.
I've attached screenshots so you can see what's happening. 
I was so so so happy to discover this site, and ready to pay the $14/month even, which I've NEVER paid for any other 'to do' service for a single user, and frankly never thought I would ever pay that much per month, that's quite highg, , but alas, this appears to be far from finished.

Also, something so simple there is no option to log in for existing user from the main landing page. !?

*I have no blockers or anything that would be interfering, ie. ad block etc are all disabled for weekplan.
*It doesn't work on my Mac either.
Here's my browser info

Aymeric Founder
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Rhiannon, thanks for the screenshots, it helps understand.

All the glitches are happening only on your browsers, so I believe that it is related to some caching issue.

This is what you should see in the menu:

One way to deep a bit deeper into the problem is to look at the error logs on your internet browser.

To do so, please press F12 if you are using Chrome, and click on the Console tab. I am guessing that you will see a lot of red messages in there.

If you try this url: does it work better?

Rhiannon Beckham
Thank you for the uber fast reply :) That's very reassuring, I'm seriously rooting for weekplan! Love the concept of having journalling/notes and a 'dump' area (parking lot) all kept in the same resource as my 'to do's.

There are a few errors showing with F12, yes. I'm still running into the same issue with Firefox and Safari though, tried both on a PC and a Mac.

There is no option to return from the Vision board, Reflect or Analytics, and with multiple clicks of my browsers 'back' button it will then display the menu it's supposed to but it won't take me to Plan and Do, only the three glitchy pages, then back in the same circle.
(The freezing while typing replies here only happens after an image is pasted into the text area, fyi)

Thanks :)

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I am running a mac, using Safari Version 6.1 (7537.71), just found this site and was very excited to try this. Same exact issue - have spent an hour trying to get out of Parking Lot back to Plan & Do page. Hope you get it fixed, I'm thinking this is just what the Non-Profit organization I'm working with needs -- but I definitely need it! :)
Boo L.
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