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Issue: Having to scroll all the way to the right to make something pending. Having it so far off screen, I also forget what is pending. I like to see it in my daily task list so I can have a reminder that it is open.

Proposed Solution: Within a daily column, you click once (marks complete), click again and it marks it as "Pending". When pending, it would stay in that day's column, until marked complete. If it was not completed that day, it would move to the next day automatically. All pending items would be grouped together at the bottom of the column, or directly above all completed tasks. Pending tasks should be easily identifiable by color or some other means.

Big fan. Glad to see the continued improvements.

Aymeric Founder
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Hi Eric,

If my memory serves me well, you are one of the longest running PRO users in WEEK PLAN.

Thank you for your continued support.

Regarding your suggestion, I wonder if I should introduce the concept of task status. A task can be opened, completed, blocked, in progress.

I would remove the dedicated Pending list and users could track their tasks the way they want (move the tasks in today, have a dedicated list in Parking lot) and then allow you change the status.

Would that help?

Eric Ippolito
Sorry for the delayed reply Aymeric.

I like the idea of adding a task status. There are often times where I have made progress, yet it won't be finished until tomorrow. By being able to change it to in-progress, I would get more satisfaction as I would be able to check it off not once, but twice;) Could in-progress tasks automatically roll over to the next day as opened tasks do now?

For blocked, I see myself using it two main ways:
  1. Move the task out a week or something as a reminder to check on it then.
  2. For more time sensitive tasks, I would likely want it to roll-over each day so I could keep my eye on the pending ones.
For changing status, I would rather not have to go into the "edit task" page. I would recommend that after hovering over a task:
  1. Keep the check icon, and add an in-progress, and blocking icon next to them. Not sure if 6 Icons would be too many?
  2. Each time you click on the first icon (now the check), it would change status. Ideally, I would want to click it once to mark complete, the second time would make it go to in-progress, third blocked, fourth would make it open again.
I could see some users liking the dedicated pending/blocked lists that is there now, and you are right, they can recreate that in the parking lot.

Glad to hear I was once of the first supporters. I love to try new apps, and WEEK PLAN remains as my favorite for task tracking.


Boo L.
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