Weekly planning & Metrics

Anonymous 8 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 4
Weekly Planning:
Create a tie-in between goals (long term), vision/mission and weekly planning (see omnifocus, particularly their ipad/iphone apps for how they handle weekly planning (stunning)

Some form of data measurement i.e. how much time spent on long term goals, providing the user with a quantification tool (a very hot topic, and big business - see Quantified Self) to see how they're doing

"Create a tie-in between goals (long term), vision/mission and weekly planning"
Yes I would love to improve that overtime. I will check out Omnifocus for some inspiration.

What metrics would you find useful? 
Would you be willing to enter the time you spend in each task if given the possibility?
Amount of time spend on each task, total sum related to the goal the task is associated with. Hence, at the end of the week, I would get a read out of how much time I spent on each goal/role throughout the week (time spent on individual tasks wouldn't be useful (for me anyway).
Ok I understand. I'll see how I can elegantly implement that. (And when I can implement it too, so many great suggestions I need to prioritize things.)