Now the tasks needs to be assign to someone.

CLAdirect - Jaime Blanco 6 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 4

Aymeric, before when one created a task it was assigned automatically to the role (user) who was logged in (I use Google credentials).  Now, one have to edit the task and "assign to".  Please, put back this feature.



Hi Jaime, 

I haven't anything related to that, so it might be a bug. A task gets assigned to a role if you set the list to do so (only lists in parking lot have that feature) or a task gets assigned to a role if you explicitly enter the role name @Role when entering a new task.

Is it what you tried to do?

Hi Aymeric,

I use weekplan with a team.  Before, I signed in using my Google Apps account, then clicked on my role (jblanco) on the left sidebar, so I saw only my tasks. Then I created a task and it was asisgned by default to my role.

Now, it seems that if the "by role" filter is on and it is filtered to my role and I created a task I can't see the task.  Then I turned off the task and I did see all my tasks.  But I have to edit my tasks and assign it to jblanco.


Damn! Great catch, I will bring that back quickly!