"Resource not Found"

Alex Nguyen 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 9
For the past few months, I've been able to access WeekPlan intermittently. Sometimes, it gives me an error message of "Resource not Found," and I can't even open up the page. I have tried the previous recommendation of CTRL + F5ing, but this doesn't appear to be working. Thanks in advance.
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Yes it is the number one issue at the moment. Do you use Firefox?
I do use FireFox. Is this problem not prevalent on other browsers? Oh, and sorry: whatsmybrowser.org/b/A1C6W7Z
It seems that most people who have that issue are on Firefox. Chrome users don't report the issue so often...
I suspect this is due to the same problem: I use Zapier to send Google Tasks to WeekPlan. Over the last few days, Zapier has been reporting "Week Plan: (404) Not Found".
Mmm wow, I would not have suspected both issues to be related, but it might. Thanks for that. 

We are on it, both the Resource Not Found, and the Zapier issue.
Thanks.I thought they might be related, given that the HTTP 404 response code reported by Zapier means "Resource not found". It sounds as if Zapier is trying to call the WeekPlan API and getting that error code in reponse.
What zaps did you create? I don't see the 404s on the ones I have set up...
Condition: Google Tasks (New Task)
Action: Week Plan (Create Task)