I have a lot of Parking Lot Lists, and they are long - side scroll problem...

Jason Longo 6 years ago updated by Grace 5 years ago 4
I have a lot of Parking Lot Lists, and they are long. I used to be able to scroll down on the longest list to get a side-scroll bar, then move around - now it is very difficult to navigate. Can we get a side-scroll bar?
Under review
Oh damn, it wasn't my intention to remove the side scroll. I will fix this today hopefully.
Ha. You write just how I talk... Thanks so much. I thought I was going crazy... "Was there ever a side scroller? I started thinking..." I did find that if I click the blank space at the top of the page, or the very bottom I can move the page without a scroller, but it is hard to control (very fast). Otherwise, love all of the updates. I'm using my journal a lot lately too.
I am glad you find the journal useful. It is hard to be consistent with it but it is a good tool. I have added the Cogitorama concept this weekend. Have a look: http://weekplan.net/cogitorama-a-tool-to-raise-your-self-awareness/ you might find it useful?