Interval times different from WeekPlan to Google Calendar

Abbie Friesen 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 7 years ago 3

I'm new to WeekPlan and like it so far. I came across the time interval option and thought it was structured as a 24 hour clock. But when I use Zapier to integrate tasks into my Google Calendar the times are so different. Instead of 19:00 I get 11:30, hoping for 7:00. I have both time zones set to Pacific. Ideas and help?


I think what is happening is that because the time interval is a new feature, the Zapier doesn't use that information. Which means that Google Calendar receives the tasks with dates without time. 

I will need to spend some time to fix this issue. It might take a week or so. Sorry about that.

That's alright. I appreciate your quick response, and look forward to hearing more about it in the coming weeks.

Hi Abbie,

I have finally managed to fix the issue. I have also published a blog post to explain how to set things up: