Scheduled time only for uncompleted tasks

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It is very nice that at the bottom of every day I see the total scheduled duration of my tasks, but it would be even more intuitive if it showed only the total of the uncompleted tasks.

It would be even nicer if the end time would be shown (calculated from the current time), like suggested here. Of course I can do the math, that if I have 1h15min scheduled tasks and it is currently 18:17, I will probably finish at 19:32, but it would be much more helpful not to have to do the calculations.

A switch in the settings would easily solve this, where I could select if I want to see the scheduled total or the estimated finish time and with another checkbox I could check whether to calculate the grand total or just the uncompleted total.


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Satisfaction mark by Péter Hlavathy 5 years ago

Cool! This is much better!

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Hi Peter,

Thank you for sharing this idea. I forwarded it to Aymeric - The founder of WeekPlan, to consider it get back to you if we can add it to the backlog list.

We will get back to you soon on this.

Thanks & Regards,

WeekPlan Team

Aymeric Founder

Yes I think it is a more useful metric. I will try to get it done soon as it is fairly easy to implement.

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