Move tasks to backlog by roles.

Zafer Khourdaji 7 months ago updated 6 months ago 5

Hi Everyone! As a software consultant I love using Weekplan it helped me a lot. Is there a way to move a task that already has a date to the backlog by roles?

I was able to do it in a "hacky" way by moving a task temporarily to the high impact tasks then move it to the backlog.

Web app

Simply remove the date on the task and make sure it has a role set.

I never found a way to remove the date.

How do you remove the date?


Just found another way that works well for me: Click on one of your roles in the backlog and it should appear on the right pane. Then when you go back to your Planner, you can simply move it to that pane and it will appear in your backlog under the chosen role.