Why can't I send emails to my inbox? Or use Zapier? Or easily drag stuff off the week planner?

DavidCullen 9 months ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 8 months ago 4

I'm really at my wits' end here. I really am trying to make your product work for me. I want to be able to cleanly import tasks from outside the app (ideally from another app using Zapier, but just by email would still be a huge improvement). I want the ability to easily move stuff on and off the week planner. These should be easy things for me to do, but my UX is horrible - the app just keeps getting in the way, and it's especially frustrating that I've been able to do these things using it in the past. I really don't understand why you want to run a company where your products breaks so that users have to stop using it in a way that worked for them in the past.

The nature of my work means that a lot of what I do is reactive. Some days and weeks I need to clear everything off the week planner and start again from scratch. A lot of the time I need to move a lot of tasks into the app and store them on boards. I am trying to use GTD, but this app is making it more difficult, not less. As far as I can make out, the only way it's possible to populate the inbox is to manually type stuff into it. What use is that?

I have submitted several queries/complaints about this. The last time your founder pacified me with the fact that you were implementing an inbox and promised to update things so that it would work with Zapier (

https://support.weekplan.net/communities/1/topics/5421-why-do-you-keep-messing-around-with-the-ability-to-drag-tasks-off-boards-and-onto-the-timetable ). The rest of the response was patronising, frankly. I've since followed up this conversation and had no response.

I want to be able to move tasks off the schedule and have them actually stay off. That would be the equivalent of a 'sometime/maybe' list in GTD. Are you going to implement something like this that requires one action instead of the current three actions: drag & drop the task onto a list, open the task, and unselect the time/date checkbox? Are you going to implement any system where I can import tasks from outside the app (again, ideally using Zapier but email would still be an improvement) where they don't get automatically dropped onto the schedule, from which it is a massive pain in the arse to remove them.

Please sort your act out. I would like to keep using this product and paying you for it, but it's completely broken for me at the moment.

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Hi David,


Zapier should allow you to send tasks to specific lists. Your message made us realize that there is a bug that always adds a date to the tasks which we are going to fix.

Too many clicks to send to boards

The best way to move your tasks from today to a specific board/list is to:
- click on the header of the today list: it will pin it in the sidebar

- move to the board/list you want

- drag and drop the tasks in it.


You cannot use our Zapier integration to send a task to your inbox because it requires a value in the workspace field, but you can use Zapier to send an email at inbox@hello.weekplan.net

I am sincerely sorry you are frustrated, and I would like to thank you for having taken the time to share your frustration with us. I hope I could offer some solutions. We will fix the Zapier issue today.

1. I have updated the documentation here to mention inbox@hello.weekplan.net: https://weekplan.net/email-integration/
2. Zapier integration has been updated, we are waiting for the new version to be deployed on their side.

Hello. Thank you for your response. I'm glad to hear that the date/zapier issue was a bug. I will have a look into changing my zapier integration to send an email instead of directly adding tasks to boards & update here if I have any issues.

The moving from today to a board works well. Thank you for that. It might be good to have an easy way to drag directly from the boards to the schedule, but I will try doing it through my plan for the week and see how that works out for me.

Thanks again. I think you have a really solid product, even though it's still very much in flux, and I'm glad to feel that I can stick with it


We are introducing a toolbar on top of a selected task to allow you to easily send a task to today... that might make your life a bit easier