Plan of the week => Plan for the Week

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Planning screen on the web app says "Plan of the Week"

"Plan for the week" is a common phrase in English for weekly planning / calendaring. I suggest changing the phrase to this.

"Plan of the Week" (abbreviated POW) is a less-known phrase used primarily by United States army/navy schools, but I have never heard it used by the general population. The meaning is the same, but it's set by the school, not by the students.

"_____ of the week" can also convey spinning the wheel (like in a gameshow) and seeing what you get, or a winner. Eg. "Deal of the week, feature of the week, employee of the week." I don't think these are intended.

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Hi Alan,

Thank you for sharing the feedback. We sincerely appreciate your insight because it helps us build a better product experience. I forwarded this to Aymeric, the founder of the WeekPlan, to consider it.  



Aymeric Founder
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Thanks Alan, we will take your advice.

I am French, so I was not aware of the subtlety between "of" and "for" :)