Cannot use new UI on safari

bpolzin22 8 months ago updated by Dev team 8 months ago 4

I cannot scroll through the list on my screen to see all my other to do tasks on Safari. I uploaded a screen shot to show how I literally cannot scroll through to the end of the week to look at my tasks.

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Wow that's annoying... in the meantime you can collapse a list by clicking on its left side.

We are going to fix this real quick.

The issue should be fixed. Can you please check now and confirm.


It does work now, thank you! One more question though. I attached another screenshot. Should my lists under roles be listed to the left there or is it only supposed to give the the "add" option? It would be nice to view my weekly list and role lists on the same screen.


"Plan for the Week" displays the task lists you wish to accomplish this week.  You need to drag the items you want to accomplish in the current week.  Check "Weekly Review" for the help. 

Let me know if it is not clear.