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Having Boards On The Left Side

DanPageau 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 3

I think it would make sense to add the Boards to the left Task Scheduler.

I can see the Roles and the Objectives but most of my tasks are in the Boards.

I can't schedule them easily this way.

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Under review

Hi Dan,

We are going to change how the weekly review looks so that the boards appear on the left like you describe it.

How do I schedule all of my tasks that are in the Boards? I need to get to work

I meant where you open the High Impact Task or the Inbox on the left. It needs an option to open the boards.

I hope that's what you were referring to.  Also, it automatically closes every time I think it shoud stay open with an option to close. I'm also having issues with scrolling down with my mouse wheel to bring tasks into the trash.