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Urgent/Important buttons in Edit Task should not expand/contract

kcburge@gmail.com 7 months ago updated by Geeta 7 months ago 2

When editing an "important" task, if you click on the word "Important", the button collapses back to just a star, and the mouse cursor is now over the Urgent button, because the button shrinks to just the star again.  The same is true if you click on the word "Urgent", the cursor becomes positioned over the Duration button.

This is very annoying as you must move the mouse to undo the operation you just performed. Buttons should never move in response to actions.  Should simply click to enable, then click again to disable (without moving pointer). If you click directly on the icons instead of the words, this doesn't happen, but still.

Web app

This is built to be like this however, we appreciate your feedback on this. Right now we have other important things are on priority. We can add this to our future backlog list to improve this experience. 

Thank you so much again for your feedback.