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Cannot unschedule / unpromote promoted task

kcburge@gmail.com 7 months ago updated by snapshot109 3 months ago 6

While viewing tasks by Role, I "promote to today"a task. Then decide I don't want to do this today, or even this week, so switch to schedule and attempt to delete the date. Not possible. There's no way to undo this operation, sending it back to the Role from which it came, with an unassigned date.

Every operation should be reversable.

I shouldn't have to assign the task to a list. Delete the date. Then remove from the list.

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Hi! there,

When you click on the task, you should see date picker, on clicking it, you should see a button "Remove from the week as shown here: https://cl.ly/8bf8d155bd7c  Are you not seeing this button on clicking the date picker? 

You can send the task to back to any list or any Role, or board from the edit sidebar.  You need to click them and press Save and close once assigned to any list, board or role.

Let me know if it doesn't help.

Thank you!



When I assign it to a List, I see the button you mention.  But when the Task is only assigned to a role, I see:

If I assign it to a List, I see the "Remove from week" button.
Not a bug

If no role, objective or a list is selected you won't be able to remove the date. https://cl.ly/a15be3161136

The task did have a role assigned.  The reason I reported it as a bug was that you could not remove the date after promoting it to today, sending it back to the Role from which it was just promoted.  I'm no longer using the product because of the numerous counter-intuitive issues I've run into. Might check back in a while to see if things have improved. Thanks.

same issue here: I have a task which has a role AND an objective. but I can not unschedule it, as I have the same screen as shown above. the "Remove from week" Button is missing.