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Repetition problems

Juanjose Tenorio 5 months ago updated by Geeta 5 months ago 1

I have encountered this bug since last week. It happens that sometimes the repetition of the tasks run forever (past the setting I gave it initially) I don't know why this bug happens.

Also, recently, when I set the repetition and the task for one specifc day, the repeated ones appear, but not the scheduled task. e.g I set a task for 26/07 to 30/07 and  the one at 26/07 doesn't appear. (This happens sometimes)

Finally I also found  that if I change the date of the initial task, the repetitions are totally ignored. In the above example if I change to 25/07, the repetitions till 30 will dissapear and the functionality of repetition for that task won't work again.

Thanks in advance

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Thank you for reporting this issue. We are looking into it and get back to you soon with an update.