Finished objectives cannot be viewed anymore

piane_ramso 7 months ago updated 7 months ago 9

After the recent updated in objectives GUI there is no possibility to view already finished tasks.

First, one could mark an objective as finished accidentally, as a result, there is no way to mark it back to unfinished state.

Second, I cannot perform retrospective analysis of finished objectives.

Please add such ability.

Chrome extension
Under review

Can you please click "HIT Hidden" button and see if you still don't see all the finished task?  

Sorry for misleading description, I cannot see finished OBJECTIVES, not tasks.
And yes, finished objectives are not displayed after pressing "HITs hidden". Also the objective in question was created in previous quarter.


Completed objectives from previous quarters are not being shown. If you want to check them you can go to that quarter through planner and see if they are shown there. 

Let me know if the issue still not resolve for you. 

Thank you!




Ok, I see the logic behind this. 

But I don't remember exact quarter when I created that objective. It means that I need to switch to another quarter through planner, then back to objectives view, then if there is no objective that I look for, switch back to planner, select a week from another quarter and again back to objectives? It looks pretty annoying for me. 

So, the following user story is not covered: I'm a person who wants to analyze completed/not completed objectives from previous quarters (let's say for a year retrospective) and for this I need to perform some unnatural actions like switching to planner etc.

Probably it would be nice to implement switching between quarter goals right on objectives view?

Sorry, we missed switching quarter on objective view in this release. We are going to release it soon. We will get back to you with an update soon.

Thank you for understanding. 



Thank you! Waiting for an update.

New version including selector for quarter has been released.