Condense/Shink/Minimize past days and expand today & future days

Eric Ippolito 7 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 6

To allow me to better focus on the days ahead, reduce the screen space taken by days in the past and expand the lists for today and future days


Yes, I also feel past days get too much screen estate. I am yet to find an elegant solution for that without making the whole thing complicated.

Where you presently have a 4x4 grid of Monday-Thursday on the top & Friday-Sunday +Pending on the bottom, how about making it so that today is always in the top left box, and all future days would follow in the three boxes next to it, and those below. Pending would always say at the bottom right corner. 

This would allow you to always see 7 days of info

The thing is that you commit goals for the current week. If I allow users to show the next 7 days with saturrday being the first day, what goals of which week should I display? 

Under review
This is an old entry, but I think the recent option of switching between list view and grid view will solve this issue.