Drag and drop not working

reflectionalist 6 months ago updated by Geeta 5 months ago 8

I can not drag and drop tasks across quadrants or even inside a quadrant (to sort).  I am accessing Weekplan in Chrome on Windows 10.


I hope it is not because I am using the trial version.

I believe only repeating tasks can't be dragged, it that correct?

No, every task I created could not.  Also, I can not drag and drop tasks queued in the Inbox to any quadrant on a specific date.


Same here.  Not working. Was hoping to use the app during the trial as well

Any progress on this?  Only one day left for trial and I even have not successfully tried it.  I wonder whether I will get another trial period after the bug is fixed as a compensation.

The bug is fixed, we are preparing the release. You can still set the importance and urgency of a task from within the edit sidebar. I have also extended the trial by another week.