LOTS of previous years' tasks are showing up as tasks for current dates

Tracy Bannister 6 months ago updated by Geeta 1 month ago 6

Suddenly I have lots of tasks that appear to be old ones from previous years. I have no idea why they are there and how to get rid of them without going through all of my dates and manually deleting them, which would be very time consuming.

These are showing uo on web login as well as phone app.

Week Plan has become useless to me until it is resolved.


Under review

Hi Tracy, I will have a look thanks for letting us know

Hi Tracy, it seems you have set the tasks with start time to roll over automatically, so it brought all non-completed past tasks to today. Is that a change you did recently?

I guess that was the issue after all. I didn't realize that caused it. I just spent some time and cleaned out all of the unfinished tasks. Hopefully that resolves it.

 By the way, do you offer a referral link where I would get commission when people sign up for WeekPlan? 
I have actually been recommending it to lots of people. I might as well get paid to advertise for you! 


Please contact Abbas at abbas@weekplan.net he might still offer an affiliate program

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