Cannot display Week Plan on browsers (Chrome, IE and Firefox) on multiple computers. Only working on my phone currently.

count bunt 7 months ago updated by Geeta 3 months ago 6
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Could you paste the screenshot of the issue, please? 

It is working on Safari now, but still not Chrome. Any advice on what to do? I have tried clearing cookies, etc...

Could you please try in the incognito mode of the Chrome browser? Let me know if you still have the same issue.

Thanks for the reply. I tried that and then it worked fine.
How can I get this to work in non-incognito mode?

Maybe some extention installed in your browser causing this issue or you could try with clearing browser cache/cookies and try again. It should work. If still, you are facing this issue please right click on the browser window, click inspect, click console and share the screenshot to check the issue. 



Closing this ticket as hear no response from the user