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switch workspace

p.anahita 5 months ago updated 5 months ago 7


these many updates of work plan is becoming annoying, specially that each time I should spend a while to find old features.

Now I totally failed to find how I can switch inbetween my workspaces.

Web app
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Hi, you are on free plan. We don't support multiple workspaces for free plan right now. Please consider upgrading to paid plan to get that option.

I would like to have date of my other workspaces as a txt file.

Can't you access download feature in your account settings?

no since I can not change my workspace 


This download feature is not available eaither for free plan. I am so dissatisfied with weekplan right now that has put multiple workspace option for pro version without informing me in advance and now I can not access my data. This is not the way to treat your costumer.



We will give you extra 14 days of free trial to access all features of WeekPlan data - you can access your data etc.