How do I change role order?

buaaaaaaa 5 months ago updated by Geeta 4 months ago 6

How do I change order of roles displayed in High Impact Tasks -> By roles. How do I change role order?

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Hi, currently there is no option to change roles order. You can change only order for tasks within current role.

This is baad as my objectives show roles that are less important first. Can you allow to change their order please?

We will take into consideration and maybe we will add that feature in the future :)


You can change the order of the role from Edit Role mode as shown below: 

Let me know if it doesn't help. 



I did that, but it doens't work. In the "High impact tasks" section it still shows in same old order.

At the moment you can't change the order of role showing in the HIT section. They will show in alphabetically ascending order.