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Can't scroll normally on iPhone X, please fix

afdadsadsdsa 5 months ago updated by SjoerdH 4 months ago 10

iPhone X, last OS.

Scrolling won't work. It works only when I slide my thumb on free white space. if I slide over any of the added entries it won't scroll, but it should like in other apps. Easy one to fix. Please do. Really bothers usability. 

iOS app

on Ipad OS neither... can't scroll anywhere..

I notice a similar behavior in the Web App on Brave Browser, Android.

The only way to scroll is to make sure your finger is all the way to side of any of the content boxes, you have a mm or two to work with...

This app seriously lacks polishing. If they don't fix these UX bugs I will not be renewing my sub.

it used to work normally on Android, but today I was not able to scroll using the middle of the screen - touching margin works, but it is very unintuitive.

Same problem here on Android, can't scroll,  only on empty spaces. Please fix ASAP, the app is unusable at the moment.

In the past few months I feel the app became more and more buggy.

Under review

You need to touch the scrollbar on the right to scroll. We are going to improve scrolling experience on Android.

I can't see any visible scrollbar.

Are you referring to the narrow white empty space on the right? Is it possible to make the sensitive area wider somehow?

I'm looking forward to the improved scrolling experience.

I can't see any visible scrollbar either. It seems there is a really small empty space on the right where you can put your finger but it's trial and error to guess where you can put your finger to scroll. Right now my guess is, you have to place your finger on the blue section 'Boards' and scroll up and down.