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Amy Nicholson (Ms. Nicholson) 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 5 years ago 5
A "Home" button that takes me back to weekly view. When I'm in settings or daily view I can't get back to the Week.
Hey Amy, I notice in Daily view you can click the Week number (i.e. "Week #48") and it will return to the default week view.  From settings I think you're supposed to be able to go into the menu and click "Plan & Do", but for me it generally hangs when I do this (It says "Loading the lists..." then doesn't do anything after that.)
The hanging should be fixed now...
I have the same issue. It would be nice to make it so it's easier to return to a week view. Once I get out of the week view I have difficulty going back. There is no option for me to pick a week number. 
Under review
You just need to click on the Week #XX tab.