Dragging and dropping tasks in the list view sometimes makes them disappear

Veronica Van Dyke 7 years ago updated by Dennis Bork 5 years ago 9

In my list view, dragging tasks to another list sometimes makes them go away. I have lost several this evening. One titled: Paint Fireplace. Another titled "Electrician". And a few more.

Also, with multiple lists, if they are off the screen, the screen doesn't scroll when dragging,so in order to drop them on a list that's off-screen, you have to drop in an intermediate list first. Any way to make the screen scroll?


1. Indeed, I cannot find these tasks in your account. It is worrisome. I believe the issue could be related to the Google Synchronization. Does it happen often? Or it started recently?

2. I will see, I have been working on making the drag&drop work on ipad. Now it is fixed, I can maybe re-enable the auto-scroll of the list when dragging.

1. Yes. It has been happening with some regularity, unfortunately..... In the list views, they seem to go away altogether. In the daily view, they sometimes disappear, but then come back when I refresh. Last night when I first posted the issue, I lost about 5 tasks.... This is rather disturbing.

The tempory disappearance comes form the repeting tasks. I should be able to fix this fairly quick. I need to understand the issue of the permanent disappearance. Please do let me know if you find a way to reproduce it.

Aymeric - 

I just tried to change the date on a task to June, and got a server error. When I cleared the server error, A BUNCH of my tasks for this week (and pending) are GONE! The horrible part? I'm not even sure which ones.

I love (love love love) your product, but if random tasks disappear, I can't depend on it. One of the ones that disappeared was a complete task: "Call Sami's Bakery". It's now gone.

I don't know how to reproduce it, but I DO know that the tasks are no longer there - even after logging out and back in.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you fix/troubleshoot this. I'd like to keep using your product, but can't for right now.


I can't find any trace of "Call Sami's Bakery" in the database, this is really not good. It happened once in the past where someone lost some tasks, and it was due to some glitch with the Google Task synchronization. 

The only way for me to debug this would be to be able to look at the logs at the exact time the disappearance occurs so that I can check what happened in the logs.

I can't do much right now unfortunately :( I am very sorry.

As a side note: all of the items that disappeared had been promoted to today from one of my lists within the last few hours.


I am so ashamed, it took me 3 months to answer you?! I thought it was a few weeks ago, I kept seeing your messages in my inbox I just couldn't get to answer them. 

Damn. 3 months. 

Anyway, I released a few new versions recently that should fix some of these issues but I know that the recurring tasks are still having some weird behaviour. But it should certainly not delete any of your tasks.

Aymeric, I recently also had a task disappearing, but it showed up again after reloading the page. Will be testing further. I am syncing Week Planner through Zapier with Google Tasks, I think I will turn that off as long as I am having issues (see my other bug reports). A also love your product although I only did work with it a couple of hours, and I'm sure you'll be able to fix the issues. Cheers, Dennis