How long before we can connect our google calendar to the app?

ye.wei.foo@gmail.com 6 months ago updated by Geeta 4 months ago 6

It says the below. What am I supposed to do here? Is there a work around? It was fine before but it suddenly stopped syncing, so I tried to disconnect/reconnect but when I tried to reconnect it says the below.

Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app

This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In."

Web app
Under review

Hi, we are waiting for Google to verify our application - it doesn't depend on us.

So how long are you expecting? Two years? One week?

By the way @Aymeric you guys need to work on better customer communication. "It doesn't depend on us" is a terrible response.


Google says that it might take several days. It doesn't depend on us because it depends on Google so we are sorry about that.

We also angry that we need to wait so long until Google verifies our application.

We are sorry for incoviencience.

OK several days isn't that bad, just wanted to know the rough timeframe. Thank you.

We hope so. Google changed recently policy for authorization for syncing calendars and we need to pass extra verification. Again - we are really sorry about that.


This issue should be fixed now.