sign in with with Google tmeporaily disabled for this app. (Not verified yet by Google)

schoyus 1 month ago updated by Geeta 2 days ago 8

This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign in. Please fix it asap.

Under review

Google has updated its OAuth application and we are under a verification process & still waiting for approval from Google.  It will fix once we get approval. 

We appreciate your patience.  


Hi how long can we expect to wait? I rely heavily on this app, to help manage many aspects of my life, I really wish I could use it.

It is said that usually, it takes 4-6 weeks.  It is already taking 2 weeks so 2-4 weeks to go however we wrote to them to speed things up. 

We appreciate your patience. 



wow that's kinda devastating. I have so much information I depend on daily in WeekPlan. Is there any other way I can get to my account?

I try and still not able to login with the password "December@2019". or the google login. Please send me the right password so that I can use the services. I have not been able to use it for over 3 weeks.

I am ale to login from my phone and change the password but still not able to sync with my google calendar.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are still waiting for verification from Google. You will be able to connect to google calendar only when it's completed from the Google end. We appreciate your patience till then. 

Thank you for understanding.


This issue should be fixed.