In the new layout - How I move a task to someday?

Leonid Mirsky 8 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 6 years ago 5
The new design is very nice.
However the most annoying thing is how to move an existing task assigned to one day to a "someday" role.
Glad you like the new design.
It comes with a flaw though, you can't pass a task from week to someday at the moment. I am planning to fix that soon.
Great news!
Thank you for the useful tool.
One possible design suggestion - is to add the "move to someday" button when you hover on the task name. Can be a nice and clean solution.
yes it could be like the "Move to today" button. But soon you will be able to add more someday lists (project lists), so which list to send the task to? So I have to allow you to pick which lis to send it to.
I also like the new look, but I really miss moving things back and forth between lists!  Can they just scroll up when you drag things over that bottom tool bar and just minimize after a drop?
We have implemented a new fix that will allow you to click a button to send a task to "Someday". It should be deployed this week some time.