Automatic billing? Don't you remind us before billing?

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I was not aware that I would be automatically billed at the end of my yearly subscription.  I stopped using the service shortly after purchasing the initial subscription as I found it lacked many of the features I needed.

Now, after 11 months of no use, I get a bill for another year.  No emails notifying me of this, no reminders, nothing.  I actually tried to log back on to see if I could get the system to work for me but now I'm having numerous issues with Google sync.  There is no way this is going to work.

I would like to cancel my service and get a refund for the renewal - the one that I never approved.

Aymeric Founder
  • Answered

Our apologies for not getting back to you. 

Our tracking of tickets got out of hand. 

I see that you have managed to cancel your subscription.