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I need help Please. Does Weekplan Support us with a chat or person?

bohendgen@absoluteessential.co 3 months ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 3 months ago 4

Anyone from Weekplan can contact me Please, I need to access if this is working for me and I am getting stuck and noone to talk to. Do you actually provide support for new accounts? Or assist with set up as this is chewing through the day and it is supposed to make things easier.

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Hi there,

How can I help you? Do you have any specific questions?

They have problems to send a bill to my company not to intruduce or teach you how to you use WeekPlan.

I must do trash talk because you dont help at all. Take my time to write to you all the time and have bad time because of that.

When you will answer me 2 questions and do your job? 

1. Send me a bill to my company.

2. Put my PENDING colum next to SUNDAY colum.


- You have all your invoices in the Invoices page. Is there anything missing?

- We won't put the Pending column next to Sunday for now.