Your UX is confusing from the get go.

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I tried to register, got half way through selecting roles and HIT tasks, only to be told my email address was already taken. Not given an option to login from there so lost all the work I'd done.

Once logged in, I have to say the interface is confusing. You dump me straight in and offer no guidance as to what I need to do or why.

I had high hopes for WP as you clearly understand the principles espoused by Tony Robbins, et al, but your implementation needs work. As a first-time user, I am unclear where to start or how to use the product.

Real shame.

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It seems you had an existing account in the past with us so entered this weird scenario where you started the onboarding which is meant for new users and then got stuck because you already had an account. 

Then you logged in with your old account, and therefore totally bypassed our onboarding / tutorial.

Try using a different email address when registering?