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benjamin@hypershade.net 3 months ago updated by Geeta 2 months ago 3


the new GUI for set time for tasks is very much annoying, and I think it's a pretty bed design decision (windows desktop app).

Set time is takes a lot of time and rolling(5-10sec), instead of 0.5sec by type it. 10-20 times slower. (argghh)

This type of GUI might be okay for a phone but for me under windows it's a huge obstacle when I trying to quickly fill in my weekly plans, etc.

It's adding nothing to the functionality of Weekplan and the UI seems more cluttered too.

Please revert it back asap or at least give the opinion to use the old one.

Thank you.

Windows app
Under review

Unfortunately this is the default time input from Microsoft Edge.

If you open Week Plan in Chrome for example, you will get a different native time control.

At this stage, we prefer to work on other areas of the software instead of introducing a time control to solve this: we couldn't find any satisfactory time control we could use to replace the default control so we would have to write our own. I understand it is frustrating but we need to prioritize our work.

I will keep this ticket open so that people can vote on it to show their interest in getting this fixed.


strange, I never use Edge, I used Vivaldi most probably I used the desktop version, not the browser version. 

And anyway both Vivaldi and Opera are Chromium-based.

After a while, it changed back to "normal" behavior.

Thanks for checking it.


Thank you for confirming it. Closing for now but we will keep eye on it.