Journal not working correctly

dwaits 3 weeks ago updated by Geeta 3 days ago 6

Hard to use the journal.  Very glitchy and sort control buttons are not working.  Tried to use in the Web app and the Windows app... same issue in both.

Web app
Under review

Hi, Could you explain please what kind of issues are you expieriencing including some examples?

Journal page completely locks up... it's unusable.  Crashes nearly every time.

Update... I was able to get into the journal via Google Chrome.  It's just the Windows app and the web app using Edge that is not working.

Hi, could you tell us which browser did you use when app crashed?

Thanks for reporting the issue. We are looking into it and get back to you shortly.


This issue should be fixed now. Please clear the browser cache before login. Let me know if it still causing issue for you.