Ability to resize the quadrants in a daily list

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At the moment I'm embarking on the journey of being deliberate and effective. Which also means right now 90% of my tasks fall into the urgent and important sphere. This makes it really hard to see all my tasks on smaller screens (ie. 11" - 13" laptops)

The ability to resize the quadrants would help me manage my work and be more productive.

Even more advanced would be if weekplan encouraged you to grow the size of quadrant II based on your history. Even a simple dismissible tip at the top about growing your quadrant II space would be sufficient.
Aymeric Founder
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Hi Frederick, 

I agree that the current quadrant view is not ideal, and I will have to come back to it to make it resizeable at some point. But I feel there are other areas of the app that need work before I should tackle this.

Regarding encouraging people to spend more time in quadrant II, I used to show a colored square that shows you the dominant Quadrant. The goal was to get it to green: Quadrant II. Maybe I should re-implement something similar. See this screenshot of an old version of weekplan where you can see the Red square next to the Week's number.


Frederick Stark
Totally understand, and will be patient. I've noticed you have graphs of role and quadrant activity on the settings screen (which isn't used often):

Perhaps if they made their way onto the front or onto the reflect pages?

Ps. I'm very impressed with the speed and quality of responses on here. You rock! :D