Yes mine too.  I have 7 tasks that repeat each week (ie. one task for each day in week). 

This week is week 2 of 2014 and last week is week 53 of 2013.  I am guessing the issue is somehow related to the new year.  I have gone back to the tasks in last week to ensure all of the end-dates are set to 2015, so they should be appearing each week this year.

To test this further I tried to add some new repeating tasks starting this week (week 2 of 2014) but only the first entry of the series appears.  None of the repeats are present for future weeks.  I've tried assigning different roles to the tasks to see if the bug was connected to one role but the problem remains.

After further testing I realised if I set the end date to be in 2014 rather than a date in 2015 it works.  I tried going back to last week then to alter the tasks that were not appearing to 2014 end dates.  They then worked as long as that day in the week had not passed - ie. Today is Wednesday so all the entries for Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat are now repeating fine but the entries for Sun, Mon, Tue are not.  Hope that makes sense, difficult to describe in writing.

I've also tested it in Chrome "Incognito Mode" to see if it was an App Cache problem; and also tested in Firefox but this does not fix it.
Sorry guys, I will be looking at it urgently. But also we are currently working on an improved version of the recurring tasks that might solve this problem... Stay tuned...

Thanks Stephen for the detailed bug report, it will help me understand the issue.
I have found and fixed the issue. I will deploy the new version over the weekend. Thanks to both of you!