Hi . What is the difference between backlog and parking lot? I’m having trouble figuring out where to put my brain dump. Thanks

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Hi there,

Parking lot and boards allow you to store tasks that don't have a particular date, role, and objective. They could be ideas, things to do later, or projects.  You can filter them by Objective and  Role by setting them from the edit task in the parking lot without scheduling them. Now you have backlog by Objective and Roles which you can schedule later. 

Let me know if it still doesn't clarify. 

Thank you for replying. 
It helps a little but I still don’t feel fully confident in the difference. 
There seems to be three different storage areas 
1. Backlog by roles 
2. Backlog by objectives 
3. Parking lot

I like the idea of being able to view intended tasks by different categories, however it seems like I have to store them in three different and separate areas. 

Am I able to see what I put in let’s say “backlog by roles” in “parking lot”? 
If I have them in all different areas then I forget what I have where. 

Also when I’m trying to remove a task from the week calendar  because I decided I can’t complete, and want the just place in my future task (not high impact task) I am only able to move to parking lot under the edit feature. So I have found that some of my tasks end in parking lot this way, and so I have tasks all over the place -between backlog roles, objectives, and parking lot. 

Is there a way to have task placed in all three views? Or if you have more tips on utilizing the three types of boards. 

Thank you.