Buggy in my browser

Jessica Owens 6 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 4

I want to try WeekPlan again, and was hoping to upgrade, however I'm having a lot of little buggy issues that keep me from finding the workflow/entry/recall reliable. My browser is whatsmybrowser.org/b/SUJTJD7. It's also not working on my iPhone.

Bugs/Issues I'm encountering:
1. iPhone- have to log in each time, making it not fast to recall my WeekPlan.
2. Google login- this is a problem for many of my web-based apps. As much as I love logging in with Google (not creating too many user accounts, easy when I'm on my personal computer, etc) , this presents a problem for users who share computers. Is there a way to use an alternative login to the same account when I'm not on my personal computer?
3. When I create a new task and click the 'role' button, it exits the task generation area. I have to click into it again and then it shows a list of roles. I then have to click the 'Add task' button to complete the task (not enter, etc), otherwise the text just hangs out in the text field without becoming a task. Task entry is super long this way.
4. When I click on a task, the little circles that have the actions (Delete, etc) are only partially visible, sometimes only the bottom little bit of the curve, forcing me to hover over each partial button to see what its action is supposed to be.
5. Support information- I feel like there's probably some very simple clarifications and answers to my questions out there, but no easy place for me to find them. I've had to search the internet and blog for things like "WeekPlan tutorial, help, FAQ, browser, shortcuts" to get this far. Luckily, I found this site (thankfully looks active :) , but even so, it would be nice to be able to access a list of keyboard shortcuts and help files from within the app or from the WeekPlan main site.

I remember WeekPlan being simple the first time I used it, but hard for me to connect to when I needed it (I manage a retail store and do not have a computer to sit at all day, so rely on my phone, printed lists and checking into the stores computer periodically). With some of the Pro features and upcoming iPhone app, it looked like something I wanted to delve into again, but the difficulties I'm having entering tasks is kind of a bummer.

Thanks in advance for any help you have (or if I'm just dense and missed an entire help section in the app, LOL)

http://whatsmybrowser.org/b/MGFZ0AB same here.

I have to refresh too many times to actually know whether my edits are saved or make the tool respond at all. Interesting that this post hasn't even seen a response by the developer.

Under review
Are you using recurring tasks at all? I am trying to identifiy the source of the problem...
Not on purpose. AN example, which just happened is the arrow function showing/hiding the pending panel. it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. only refresh helps.