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How do I hide task from other Companies / Projects

DanPageau 3 months ago updated by jazzerbet 2 months ago 9

I woke up this morning with all tasks from every project / company on my scheduler. How do I hide the tasks I don't want to see. 


I think you guys call it teams

We have the same problem. Please check that WEEKPLAN TEAM.

Not a bug

Hi, please use the filters to choose the teams you want to see.

Hi, sorry but filters or not working or i have different system for my planning. Please give me back my old week planner or for me this is unusfull program. You allready take my PENNDING colum next to SUNDAY colum. We have big problems with that one too.  Soo what now?

what do you mean the filters are not working?

You should be able to use the filters to set which teams you want to see.

Regarding the Pending list: Woudl you be able to use the HITs list for this?

Thanks for responding. the filter isn't working with the calendar though.. Also, drag and drop in calendar mode isn't working on chrome

Under review

Thank you for reporting the issue. We will get back to you with an update soon. 

Filter issue in calendar view should be  fixed now. 

Thank you!

im so sad to not have the oldest version of week planner. I dont know what to do. Will you put back to me the old one or will stay like you do it now? 

Just tell me please. 

We will probably quit that program. Sory to tell you that but we dont have the sam work here without pending colum and the oldest version without that filter thing.