Weekplan seems fine / some essential improvements welcome

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I tried a lot of tools / kanban, outlook with all kind of plugins, calendar systems etc. 
The idea behind weekplan is very well. 
I tried it now and I miss some important elements: 

1. When i add a task, it is important for me to see how many hours it will take (estimated time) - but to get this filled in for each task it takes 4 or 5 clicks. It would be great to have a possiblity to define what you want in the quick edit of a task (for me label and estimated time)

2. In the park zone i can add tasks for my work. That is fine, but here also it would be great that i can define the font (i have more than 100 tasks)

3. Repeating tasks would be great

4. I'm not sure if i have the proversion now, i see no way to upgrade

5. It is great that i can create some reports for my organisations on time spent for them in a month. 

But great work, if we can help with this? The ideas are very good for me!!!! If you want we can set someone on this to define what elements must be added to keep it simple but easy to work.  
Aymeric Founder
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1/ You can use this format to add estimation time when creating a task: "Write report ~2h30 "

2. "i have more than 100 tasks" Use lists and roles to make it easier to find the tasks you are looking for...

3. You can already do that, look in the "Edit task" dialog (you need the PRO plan)

4. You may be in the trial mode if you have registered in the last two weeks

5. You can export your tasks to the .csv format. So maybe you could generate the reports from within Excel?

Boo L.
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