What about the GRID / LIST view option from the old layout?

Roland Koch 5 years ago updated by Aymeric (Founder) 2 years ago 5
On my big desktop monitor the new "list view only" is ok, but when I'm working mobile on my Notebook, I can hardly see anything.
Under review
I have just implement a new option in https://app.weekplan.net/#view=AccountSettings, where you can decide to show 5 lists at a time instead of 7. Could you please try that and let me know if that solves your issue?
Yes this works. Thanks.

Also I figured out that 100% Zoom in the browser means actually quite big text. So I reduced the browser zoom and get more text on one line.
What zoom percentage are you using?
On Internet Explorer, 80% (I use ie because of the view problem in Google Chrome)
On Chrome the setting is 83%