Email integration doesn't work with attachments

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Hi, I've made a comment about this elsewhere but it's been on moderation for the last two months. I don't know why. Email integration using todo+558217[at] doesn't work if the message has an attachment. There's no acknowledgement or error email response, the task just never turns up in my inbox. I don't mind if you strip the attachments out of emails that arrive, but it's really annoying that this feature fails in a way that means my tasks get lost and I don't get told about it.

Web app

Actually, it looks like it's not working at all. So that's great...

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Hi David, 

My Sincere apology if any of your tickets missed in the past. 

I again checked and sent email to and it works fine for me. I see the tasks in my Today list.  Are you not getting the tasks sent by email in your today list? 

Could you please share your sent email so that we can check it further? 

Your patience will be highly appreciated.