Auto-assign role to checklist items

AnaDevine 4 years ago updated by Ana Loraine 3 years ago 2

Hi Aymeric,

Suggestion for an account-level setting: Give users the choice of auto-assigning header-level role to checklist items beneath it.

User experience behind request: when I filter my weekplan by role "Project Manager", my header-level tasks show up, but the checklist items beneath them do not. So using the "filter by role" results in me having my checklists hidden. It's counter-intuitive for me to get blank checklists on my tasks.

I use the checklist a lot, and my checklist tasks always roll up to the header task's role. Adding a role to each checklist item as they create them is onerous and time-consuming for users like me.

I recognize some users may have a header-level task with checklist items assigned to different roles, which is why I suggest an account-level setting allowing users to toggle between "auto-assign role to checklist tasks" and "manually assign role to checklist tasks".

Under review

Subtasks should be filtered out when opening the parent task. We will fix that.


Hi there! 

We have not received your feedback in a while. We will be closing this ticket temporarily. Please feel free to reach out if you are still having the same issue. We'll be more than happy to assist you.